Octo Telematics deals every day with massive amounts of location data. Such information, by its nature and the purpose it is collected for, has the highest requirements of confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all parties involved.

    In a proactive approach to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the control infrastructure, the management of Octo Telematics required an external, independent opinion on the state of their technical security infrastructure – especially in terms of its effectiveness.


    • The systematic analysis of the technology has brought a number of weaknesses to the attention of the technical staff.
    • The reports provided by InfoGuard have not only listed and detailed all of these weaknesses, but also provided an expert indication on the direction to take to close the areas of insecurity and guarantee the top-level protection that is required by the nature of the data and supported by the ISMS.

    «We are thrilled with the quality of the service InfoGuard has performed for us.»  

    Massimo Capozza

    Security Officer

    Octo Telematics


    The online infrastructure of Octo Telematics has thus been subject to an extensive technical test, an «ethical hacking» during which the specialist has replicated the actions which a real malicious third party would perform, in order to gain insight on possible weaknesses which could be exploited to penetrate the system.

    Two different sessions have tested, respectively the external (Internetvisible) and the internal (non-Internet-visible) networking infrastructure.