Security on Layer 2 Networks


In keeping with the motto "Big Brother is Watching You“, global data streams are being systematically monitored. Eavesdropping on fibre optic and layer 2 networks in WAN and MAN environments, but also on the interconnectivity between data centres, has become reality – now confirmed in countless reports describing the clandestine Tempora surveillance programme by the NSA.

Make a stand against economic espionage and big brother

Attacks on fibre optic networks can only succeed if data is not encrypted. As stressed by Edward Snowden, on many occasions, nothing other than strong data encryption can prevent data theft, Encryption works. Properly implemented, strong layer 2 network security systems are among the few things that you can have confidence in.

Put a stop to big brother activities once and for all and let eavesdropping and economic espionage be a thing of the past.