Ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of sensitive information such as customer or personal data is a complex task.

    As for all banks located within Switzerland, the Clientis Group is subject to FINMA guidelines. Clientis was looking for an experienced partner to continuously support the measures defined, and to cover the role of Chief Information Security Officer. This partner would assist Clientis in implementing the requirements in the form of a «CISO-as-a-Service» mandate.


    • With a «CISO as a Service mandate» the customer is placing its trust in an experienced consultant who performs his services on-site and can be integrated in the organisation like an employee.
    • The customer can also access the entire knowledge and experience of all InfoGuard specialists and can therefore dynamically call upon further experts for any conceivable issues.
    • The complexity is intercepted by the CISO, who acts as the single point of contact between the customer and InfoGuard.

    «Thanks to the «CISO-as-a-Service» mandate, we have flexible access to the knowledge of the specialists within InfoGuard, depending on the particular issue.» 

    Daniel Heiniger

    Head of Accounting & Auditing, Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

    Clientis AG


    For the CISO mandate at Clientis, in addition to project-related activities, we were also able to support the client in setting up the continuous IT risk management process, which includes the implementation of risk-minimising measures, the setting-up of the information security organisation and security processes (including provider management and project management), as well as in raising the awareness of employees in a targeted manner.