Complexity in the field of information security has risen rapidly over the past few years due to the increasing importance of information for business success, the penetration of all corporate divisions by information systems, increasing regulation and the growing appeal for professionally organised (virtual) criminality.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for SMEs, and also for larger companies such as the Oerlikon Group, to build up and maintain the required knowledge themselves.


    • With a „CISO as a Service mandate“ the customer is placing its trust in an experienced consultant who performs his services on-site and can be integrated in the organisation like an employee.
    • The customer can also access the entire knowledge and experience of all InfoGuard specialists and can therefore dynamically call upon further experts for any conceivable issues.
    • The complexity is intercepted by the CISO, who acts as the single point of contact between the customer and InfoGuard.

    «The InfoGuard service enables us to optimally fill the position of Chief Information Security Officer and depending on the specific task to flexibly access the knowledge of the information security specialists of the company InfoGuard.» 

    Christian Fischer,

    Group CIO,



    Due to a broad demand for comprehensive knowledge of the various areas of information security with specific application and implementation in international industrial companies, Oerlikon decided to assign this function as a long-term mandate. This CISO, together with the Group CIO and in cooperation with the segments, should ensure that information security in the Oerlikon Group complies with industry-standard good practice.