Each day the banking sector has to cope with large volumes of electronic information which, for many years, has been subjected to the most stringent security requirements. These are required on the one hand by legal and bankspecific constraints.

    In order to be able to manage and store this immense volume of data the majority of financial institutions install a SAN infrastructure (Storage Area Network). With disaster recovery considerations always at the forefront a typical SAN configuration comprises two or more geographically separated SAN islands.


    • The encryption facilitated the data security of the three LAN connections and the SAN link with a single platform, without compromising the performance of the links.

    • At the same time, the Swiss security platform, InfoGuard MG10 provides sufficient upgrading capability for future expansions.

    «Flexibility of the solution minimises the investment costs.» 

    Sabine Bergner

    IT & ORG manager,

    Valartis Bank (Liechtenstein) AG


    To take account of the high quality demands of SAN infrastructures, data transport between these SAN islands is accomplished via interswitch links, in other words, high performance optical fibre channel connections.

    In conjunction with the need for confidentiality in the transmission of data over the two highspeed links to the data processing centre, Valartis looked for a solution that could not only provide encryption for the SAN but also for the LAN traffic.

    In order to meet the required security target the data links between the two processing centres are protected by InfoGuard MG10 hardware encryption devices. Three 1 Gigabit Ethernet and a 2 and 4 Gigabit Fibre Channel link are multiplexed on a 10 Gigabit signal, encrypted and transmitted over the dark fibre cable. Taking account of redundancy, therefore, two pairs of InfoGuard MG10 devices are in operation.