IBM QRadar detects critical threats and helps minimize security risks early on

    The pressure to manage new regulations, increase visibility, or process continuous alerts are just some of the challenges facing organizations today.

    The out-of-the-box analytics, correlation rules and dashboards in IBM QRadar help you meet these challenges – without requiring significant customization. Find out why thousands of companies worldwide use QRadar as a SIEM solution to detect complex security threats and insider threats, protect cloud environments, respond to security incidents and a host of other security tasks.

    For a 360-degree visibility in the security area, you need the right tool
    Most security teams have to make up the big picture from a mosaic of different tools. This is not only tedious, but dangerous. Very often suspicious activities and anomalies get lost in the "noise" of day-to-day security operations.

    IBM Security Threat Management gives security teams the visibility they need to succeed. By unifying security data, security teams can navigate with confidence — identifying not just data at risk, but vulnerabilities across networks, on thousands of endpoints and between clouds.

    Since 11 years, Gartner ranked IBM Security as SIEM Magic Quadrant Leader, and rightly so! Gartner positioned IBM Security in the "Leaders" quadrant based on the overall best rating in the category "Completeness of Vision".

    Find out how you can accelerate your security by keeping pace with digital transformation and dramatically reducing threat response times in the IBM E-Book.

    Contact us and learn how IBM QRadar can help you optimize your security!


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