Network Security based on high speed Layer 2 Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SONET/SDH Encryption

    Every business nowadays needs reliable public high speed network links between its sites, server farms and data centres. With InfoGuard’s pioneering encryption solution approach the entire network security product range is easily incorporated into any WAN, MAN and SAN network infrastructure.

    InfoGuard Swiss-Made Layer 2 Encryption

    InfoGuard provides high speed encryptors for secure data exchange up to 10G. With their flexible, modular architecture they are capable of handling the most diverse applications in MAN, WAN and SAN environments at data rates of up to 10 gigabits per second. Our Swiss made Layer 2 encryption doesn’t depend on any given network configuration and is absolutely transparent within the network, making it possible for enterprises to implement the security solution fast and without altering the existing network configuration or necessitating additional investments. Integrating a Layer 3 encryptor, on the other hand, is much more complex and always involves major configuration expenditure.

    Layer 2 (Metro) Ethernet Encryption

    The secure data transfer via Metro Ethernet networks up to 10G has become an essential part of day-to-day business. In fact, in WAN and MAN environments it has been experiencing a genuine boom. Today professional Layer 2 Ethernet network services offer a scalable and extremely flexible alternative to IP VPN and legacy networks such as leased lines, ATM and Frame Relay. InfoGuard provides high speed Ethernet encryption solutions for secure Layer 2 data exchange up to 10G.

    Fibre Channel / FICON Network Encryption

    SAN networks are normally used as a cost-effective means of storing the vast amounts of data generated by most businesses nowadays. Often data transport is via the Fibre Channel or FICON protocol. Securing it is all too often a very costly affair. With the InfoGuard solution up to ten Fibre Channel and FICON connections can be transferred via a single link The possibility of combining different protocols and transmission rates make the product a cost-efficient network encryption solution for SAN infrastructures.

    SONET/SDH Network Encryption

    Nowadays large transmission networks in MAN and WAN environments are based on SDH/SONET technology. Besides dedicated point-to-point connections they also often use CWDM and/or DWDM technologies to optimise the capacity utilisation rate on the installed fibre optic networks. The InfoGuard network encryption product is seamlessly integrated into these backbone networks, ensuring comprehensive data protection over the transmission path.

    Multilink/Multiprotocol Network Encryption

    Many businesses use a mix of network and storage protocols between two sites or when linking data centres. With multilink encryption from InfoGuard up to five different Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel and FICON connections can be transmitted over a single path. The possibility of combining different connections and protocols make the platform a stand-out needs-based Layer 2 WAN, MAN and SAN security solution.


    InfoGuard’s Layer 2 security platform has established itself worldwide as a high-security and high-speed solution. Banks, insurance companies, industry, public administrations and government organisations value their reliability, performance and substantially lower maintenance cost.


    Free Whitepaper Download - Layer 2 Network Security

    In keeping with the motto "Big Brother is Watching You“, global data streams are being systematically monitored. Only one conclusion can be drawn: implementation of high performance, Swiss made Layer 2 security. Read more in our whitepaper.


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    • Comprehensive product portfolio for Ethernet, SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel/FICON networks.
    • 100% data throughput without overhead and consistently low latency in µs range.
    • Powerful data encryption with AES 256 bit key length and convincing security architecture.
    • Easy, problem-free integration into existing networks with low maintenance requirements.

    «Using InfoGuard’s encryption we have been able to take advantage of a simple to install and operate solution for Ethernet services
    without any performance degradation.»


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