First Security Technology (FST) founded in 2001 with headquarters in Chur is the leading manufacturer of vulnerability assessment and management solutions in Switzerland. FST provides security solutions as software-as-a-service, virtual-machine-based or as an appliance and distributes them through a network of experienced dealers and distributors. FST's security solutions include fully automated vulnerability detection, IT infrastructure assessment, remediation and monitoring, and IT compliance fulfilling reporting mechanisms.

First Security Technology Vulnwatcher Vulnerability Scan

VulnWatcher – Swiss Made Vulnerability Management

With our vulnerability management you have an efficient opportunity to identify, analyse and evaluate possible IT weak points. A vulnerability scan supplies essential knowledge for the evaluation of the current risk situation and the effectiveness of measures which have already been taken.

The VulnWatcher runs periodic automated checks on your IT systems (switch, firewall, server, clients, etc.) to detect and solve weak points and missing patches. A ticketing system monitors any detected weaknesses, including risk assessment, along with information for remedying them. Proactive checks of your ICT infrastructure reveal changes in the systems and detect not only weak points from manufacturers but also incorrectly configured systems. If the system detects weaknesses having a level of potential risk you defined, the system sends an e-mail alarm and/or text alarm automatically to the system managers.

The extensive database of weaknesses is constantly updated. Along with classic vulnerability management to reduce risk continuously, the VulnWatcher also supports specific scanning to ensure compliance with various regulations, e.g. ISO 27001, Basel II, SOX, PCI Data Security Standard. The complete scan results can be examined with a user-friendly web interface. This type of consistent examination of infrastructure is what allows you to detect risks and reduce them effectively.


Swiss Vulnerability Report of First Security Technology: These 4 vulnerabilities you need to know - and resolve!

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Why First Security by InfoGuard?


  • Long-term cooperation with First Security and a broad customer base.
  • Our own Cyber Defence Center (SOC) with security analysts guarantees a complete and high quality service.
  • Extensive experience in security audit, penetration testing and vulnerability management.

«Mit VulnWatcher steht uns ein intuitives Werkzeug zur Überprüfung der Sicherheit zur Verfügung.»



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