Cloud services have become an integral part of today’s everyday business life. Out of necessity however, employees often use services that have not even been approved by the company. If sensitive data reaches the cloud during this process, this can have serious consequences. With our Cloud Access Audit, we identify the services being used by your employees and analyse the risk associated with them.

Ongoing transparency about your cloud services

McAfee MVision Cloud (Skyhigh) is a cloud access security broker (CASB) that can help companies significantly improve their security when using cloud services. Our Cloud Access Audit, based on MVision Cloud, gives you an in-depth understanding of your cloud usage and highlights any existing risks inherent in the current cloud usage. Through interviews and document reviews, we identify the possible causes of these risks and devise recommendations for dealing with them. We also pinpoint potential areas for improvement within the cloud usage processes and guidelines.

Your benefits of the Cloud Access Audit

  • Visibility of the cloud services used and the risks associated with them (risk score)
  • Possibility of consolidating and monitoring the cloud services used
  • Practical recommendations to improve cloud security

Features of the MVision Cloud Shadow IT module

Monitoring of cloud usage:
  • By analysing firewall or proxy log files, etc
  • The log data is transmitted to Skyhigh in encrypted or pseudonymised form
  • The analysis is performed by Skyhigh at the data center in Frankfurt

Your involvement

  • Making points of contact available for interviews (max. three hours)
  • Provision of a VM for the Enterprise Connector and sample log data
  • Access to the log data (live or historical) for firewalls and proxies
  • Consent to modify the existing firewall so the VM is able to transmit the data to Skyhigh

Scope of the Cloud Access Audit

  • Initial kick-off meeting with InfoGuard experts
  • Interview about the cloud usage processes and guidelines (max. three hours)
  • Implementation of MVision Cloud
  • Automatic analysis by MVision Cloud (duration: 30 days)
  • Analysis of results by McAfee and InfoGuard experts
  • Interview to check the findings and to work out recommendations

Detailed presentation of results at your premises, duration approx. two hours.


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Cloud Access Audit

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