We advise and support you on the following areas

DLT Security Governance

  • You already have operational security for your DLT-based ecosystem in place, but still require constant supervision of a CISO in order to foster security maturity, awareness or comply with standards and/or regulations?
  • We can become your missing piece of your operational security puzzle

Key benefits

  • Assurance of in-house security experts

DLT Business Case Validation

  • You have a great idea and want to evaluate if DLT represents an added value solution technology?
  • Let’s discuss and find out together!

Key benefits

  • The right DLT choice for your business case
  • Potentials and limitations

DLT CDC as a Service

  • You are running a DLT-based ecosystem or close to launching an ICO, but do not have enough resources to properly take care of your security concerns?
  • We can provide you with the required services such as vulnerability management, SIEM, breach detection, threat analysis & hunting as well as incident response for your DLT-based ecosystem

Key benefits

  • Delegation of all your operational security concerns to experts
  • Assurance that the activities within your infrastructure are monitored 24/7 by security experts

DLT Security Support as a Service

  • You already have operational security for your DLT-based ecosystem in place, but still require additional support in specific areas such as monitoring of specific components or patch notification?
  • We can become your missing piece of your operational security puzzle

Key benefits

  • Delegation of specific components of your operational security to experts
  • Assurance that these components are supported by security experts

DLT Penetration Testing & Attack Simulation

  • You are already running a DLT-based ecosystem, but unsure if and how well it can withstand internal and external attacks?
  • We provide you with penetration tests of specific infrastructure components or whole attack simulations against your DLT-based ecosystem

Key benefits

  • Assurance that the security of your infrastructure, processes and people hold what it is designed for

DLT Static and Dynamic Analysis

  • You are already running or still developing Smart Contracts, but unsure if they are vulnerable?
  • We statically and dynamically analyse your Smart Contracts by highlighting potential weaknesses and recommending mitigation approaches

Key benefits

  • Assurance that your Smart Contracts follow best-practices and are not vulnerable to known attacks

DLT Security Architecture Design

  • You know that DLT is your choice and already compiled your business and/or technical requirements, but do not know how to properly design the architecture of the ecosystem?
  • We propose and design the architecture for you with focus on high-end security

Key benefits

  • Customized high-end security architecture

DLT Security Architecture Assessment

  • You are already running a DLT-based ecosystem or on the verge of doing so, but unconfident if its design is appropriate to fulfil your requirements, especially when it comes to security?
  • We give you a professional second opinion by highlighting weak design aspects that could result in security threats and also provide recommendations for improving your overall security design

Key benefits

  • Assurance that your architecture is appropriate concerning your threat landscape

DLT Core (Basic/Advanced)*

  • Learn how the DLT works at its core and meet its advantages as well as disadvantages from a security perspective

Key benefits

  • Introduction and overview of DLT components and implementations
  • DLT security awareness

DLT Security (Basic/Advanced)*

  • Become aware of approaches that hackers use to attack DLT-based ecosystems
  • Acquire the fundamental hands-on skills required to attack DLT-based systems
  • Extend and improve your mind-set when it comes to securely designing, implementing and testing DLT-based ecosystems

Key benefits

  • In-depth DLT related security knowledge
  • Hands-on security testing skills

*The modules are beginner friendly and range from novice to students with advanced DLT expertise.

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