20/20 Visibility Clarifies Network Security - Forrester Report 2022

A Thought Leadership Paper from Forrester

This 2022 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting reveals the growing importance of visibility in helping to secure today’s networks.

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In your copy, you’ll find: Independent Research: 20/20 Visibility Clarifies Network Security

  • Survey results from 423 global IT leaders in a broad range of industries
  • How discovery and visibility improve security response, audit/compliance, performance, and capacity planning
  • The ways in which integrated visibility improves collaboration between networking and security



Read 20/20 Visibility Clarifies Network Security, and discover:

How Network Visibility and Team Integration Bolster Security
See why integration of security and network teams is critical for facilitating visibility and in breaking down silos to build up efficient and effective security capabilities.

The Key Impediments to Network Visibility
Discover factors that block security and network performance.

The Ways that Visibility Can Holistically Improve Security and Networking Capabilities
Learn how core network services like IP address management (IPAM) enhance visibility, security, operational efficiency and cost savings.

20/20 Visibility Clarifies Network Security

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