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The GDPR recommends reviewing data sensitive applications and critical infrastructures for security risks regularly and testing the effectiveness of the implemented security mechanisms. Our GDPR Web Audit detects precisely such security gaps and helps you comply with the GDPR recommendation.


To protect personal data, you need a security infrastructure that ensures the appropriate use and transmission of data. This infrastructure identifies the user making use of the data and restricts access to authorised users. In addition to the confidentiality of the data, its integrity and availability must also be ensured.

Our external GDPR Web Audit ...

  • Assesses privacy-relevant information in accordance with the GDPR
  • Detects configuration and operating errors
  • Identifies external weak points and thus deviations from the GDPR recommendation
  • Identifies the use of tracking software
  • Analyses authentication methods and the implementation of encryption
  • Verifies the purpose and geolocation of the web application
  • Identifies external resources incorporated into the web application thereby ensuring active protection at all times
  • Sustainably increases security at a technical and organisational level
  • GDPR-relevant IT security features checked point-by-point by an independent cyber security expert


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GDPR Web Audit

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