1 Introduction

    1.1 Purpose
    InfoGuard is committed to the environmentally friendly and sustainable use of resources across all its activities, including its internal processes, the products it sells and the services it provides. InfoGuard aims to continuously improve environmental performance in the areas listed wherever it can exert an influence.

    1.2 Scope
    This environmental policy and the following objectives and obligations apply to all organisational units, i.e. the entirety of InfoGuard.

    2 Environmental Protection at InfoGuard

    2.1 Basics
    Due to the existential challenges of climate change and environmental pollution, InfoGuard is committed to improving its environmental performance in order to contribute to a sustainable future. To this end, InfoGuard has set itself the following environmental objectives:

    2.2 Environmental objectives

    • Compliance with all relevant energy and environmental legislation (binding obligations): The energy and environmental laws relevant to InfoGuard are complied with by operating a (certified) environmental management system (EMS) in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.
    • Continual improvement of environmental performance: The efforts made as part of the EMS continually improve the environmental impact of InfoGuard’s processes, products and services, which leads to a constant optimisation of environmental performance.
    • Maintaining climate neutrality: InfoGuard has set itself the goal of maintaining climate neutrality, which was achieved in 2023.
    • Consideration of environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternatives: Resource-saving alternatives should be considered wherever possible in the context of projects, procurement procedures and the expansion of existing structures and processes.
    • Company-wide sensitisation to environmentally aware conduct: All InfoGuard employees should be regularly informed about the environmental management system and the measures defined within it to improve environmental performance. This should enable employees to understand their influence on environmental performance and consequently to make their own contribution to continuous improvement.