Secure-Network-as-a-Service - powered by InfoGuard & Aruba


InfoGuard Partner: Aruba Networks

New network innovations support businesses in a variety of ways, from operational improvements and increased cyber security through to accelerating digital transformation.

The downside: high costs! This can cause project delays as solutions are slow to be deployed and the infrastructure team can be quickly overwhelmed by day-to-day operation.

Additionally, new strategic initiatives such as hybrid working models, protected WAN connectivity between branch offices and increasing interconnectivity often require unexpected network investments, leaving IT unable to quickly adapt to new business requirements. At the same time, setting up a secure and stable network takes a lot of know-how. If a company’s network fails at a crucial moment or even come under attack, problems can only be solved with expert knowledge.

Secure-Network-as-a-Service –
powered by InfoGuard & Aruba Networks

Our Secure-Network-as-a-Service provides you with the optimum security, flexibility and future-proofing solution for your network. This is because you can deploy new technology resources quickly and easily, and InfoGuard uses Aruba Central to manage and optimise everything from the cloud. This promotes innovation, minimises risks, accelerates returns and enables the desired business results to be achieved with financial flexibility. At the same time, efficiency is increased and operating costs for your network reduced. The experts in our Operations Centre (OC) in Baar/Zug (Switzerland) identify faults at an early stage, deal with them immediately and rectify them quickly.

This how the Secure-Network-as-a-Service from InfoGuard benefits you

High economic efficiency

  • Complete network hardware (routers, switches, firewalls, NAC, LAN, WAN and WLAN equipment) included in monthly service fee
  • Alternatively, hardware can also be purchased
  • Costs can be controlled and planned
  • No specialist staff required

Optimum architecture & security

  • Proven design in line with established state-of-the-art standards
  • Set-up and configuration by certified security and network experts
  • Experts with many years of experience in Aruba Networks solutions
  • Individual configuration modifications possible
  • All services are structured in line with ITIL standards

Central management

The Aruba components are managed centrally via the cloud-based platform Aruba Central. Only control traffic is routed via the cloud, while all user traffic stays locally on the customer network.
  • Central management of wireless, wired, VPN and SD-WAN for simplified operation of all services
  • AI-based evaluation for faster troubleshooting and continuous network optimisations
  • Integration with Aruba UXI for proactive monitoring
  • Intend-based policy engine and access control to enhance and simplify security
  • Endpoint profiling and telemetry to increase visibility in the IoT space
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting for remote or home office networks
  • Read-only access to check the current configurations and status at any time

Reliable operation

  • Takeover of operational responsibility by the InfoGuard Operations Centre
  • Immediate notification of security-critical updates
  • Early fault detection through automated 24/7 monitoring
  • Immediate fault processing during service hours
  • Rapid delivery of a spare part from our own warehouse

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