Akamai Guardicore is the market leader in data center and hybrid cloud security. With the Akamai Guardicore Microsegmentation platform (previously Guardicore Centra™), we offer our customers the optimal solution for software-based segmentation.


Enterprise IT infrastructure has evolved from traditional data centers to cloud and hybrid cloud architectures with a blend of platforms and application deployment models. This modernization of IT is helping many organizations achieve greater business agility and reduce infrastructure costs. However, it is also creating a larger and more complex security attack surface that does not have a well-defined perimeter. Each individual server, virtual machine, or cloud resource is now a possible point of exposure, and attackers are increasingly adept at moving laterally towards high-value targets once they find a way in.

Software-based segmentation solution for application fencing and microsegmentation

The Akamai Guardicore Microsegmentation platform is a comprehensive data center and cloud security solution that provides the simplest and most intuitive way to apply microsegment controls to reduce the attack surface and to detect and control east-west traffic breaches. It provides deep visibility into application dependencies and flows, as well as network and individual process-level policy enforcement to isolate and segment critical applications and infrastructure.


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Segmentation beats legacy firewall

Achieve zero trust –
100% faster

Fewer firewalls,
more agility

See clearly through
the Clouds

Simple microsegmentation for your complex environment including elimination of cloud security risks via a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Quickly secure your critical assets through microsegmentation, all without the complicated and rigid approach of a firewall.

Visualization and security that keeps up with your business..





Preventing ransomware attacks and lateral movement is a real challenge in hybrid IT environments. Guardicore Centra™ enables our customers to gain the segmentation and visibility they need across their infrastructure and protect their systems through real-time breach detection. With the Akamai Guardicore Microsegmentation platform, they get a cost-effective way to achieve permanent and consistent security through software-based segmentation – no matter what the application, no matter what the IT environment.


SC-Magazine-LogoThe Akamai Guardicore Microsegmentation platform (previously Guardicore Centra™) was named by the SC Magazine in the Cloud-Based Security Group Review as "Best Buy"! «Guardicore Centra™ offers the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible microsegmentation solution. With Centra's container support, you can drill down to the process level of detail in public and private clouds.»

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  • Successful cooperation in the area of microsegmentation and application fencing.
  • Many years of experience in cloud security, ransomware protection and threat detection.


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