Anapaya Systems AG is a Swiss company. They are building an international ecosystem that provides SCION-based services for more reliable, secure and stable networks. InfoGuard is a proud and an official partner of the ETH spin-off Anapaya Systems.

Anapaya EDGE - the gateway to the SCION Internet

Anapaya combines the security of private networks with the flexibility of the internet. The Anapaya EDGE is the access point to the SCION Internet. The solution enables organisations to connect users, partners and customers to their applications and resources in a more reliable, efficient and secure way than ever before.

The Anapaya EDGE is available as a virtual or physical solution and can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. It allows companies to choose the most appropriate paths over the SCION network - depending on their business policies.

Our solution approach with Extreme Networks

The Extreme Networks SCION EDGE solution is provided on an easy fixed form factor switch implementation. Customers can run the solution on hardware switches without the hassle of a complex server-based implementation.

SCION software securely runs in the Extreme Integrated Application Hosting technology.




Extreme's Integrated Application Hosting leverages an innovative combination of operating software and hardware features to provide extended services – such as SCION - without impacting switching or network performance. 

SCION - secure, reliable and flexible

SCION combines the security and reliability of private networks with the flexibility of the internet. It is an international ecosystem of telecom, network, colocation, and cloud service providers that collaborate to create a new B2B-oriented internet. A SCION-based network connects users, partners, and customers to their apps and resources in a more efficient, controllable, and secure way.


SSFN Managed Service  HVR Managed Service

SCION internet for Swiss companies

The Swiss solution offers companies the attractive opportunity to connect users, partners and customers with their applications and resources. And it does so in a more reliable, efficient and secure way than was previously imaginable. Learn more about Anapaya Systems and its partnership with InfoGuard.


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Your benefits

  • Internet architecture with a maximum level of security and scalability.
  • First-class flexibility, security and reliability for business communications.
  • Many years of experience and collaboration with Extreme and a broad customer base.
  • The specially trained Extreme engineers are absolute experts in their field.
  • Countless successfully implemented projects due to many years of project and support experience.