E-SEC GmbH, based in Innsbruck, is a security awareness expert and specialist in the development and production of innovative and cloud-based 3D training software, incl. a full-fledged learning management system. Ideally matched to the role of the employee in the company – in an exciting manner and extremely user-friendly.

The Exploodo platform provides a variety of ready-made courses on cybersecurity, data protection and work safety. The courses can also be easily integrated into an existing LMS as a SCORM 1.2 file. In addition, you can adjust to the content at any time using the authoring tools.

E-SEC Virtual Training Company VTC Security Awareness eLearning

Security Awareness E-Learning Courses

Security Awareness is one of the basic pillars of any cyber security strategy. By using the virtual training world you promote successful learning thanks to the interactivity of this 3D training software. Employees navigate through this virtual company and while doing so get training in aspects of selected topic areas such as:

  • Information Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing / Ransomware
  • Sicherheit im Home-Office
  • Swiss Data Protection / GDPR
  • Compliance
  • Banking Secrecy
  • Safety / Fire Protection

Standardised topic areas can be put into place quickly and individually expanded, and along these lines company-specific instructional topics and adapted 3D worlds are very popular. Various editions serve companies of all sizes and in every sector. This comprehensive learning management system expands the functionality of the E-SEC platform and in addition allows the configuration into a virtual 3D training world and learning environment. The courses are integrated into the corresponding e-learning environment by our experts. In doing so, we adapt the visual appearance and the content which is presented to your specific circumstances.

The Virtual Training Company training program carries your employees off to a fantastic virtual world of topics, and it instructs them in the basic points of information security in real-world situations. Your employees will be thrilled!

E-Learning Security Awareness Course Moduls

Information Security, Data Protection, Data Privacy and Compliance
Buy one of our 3D-animated courses, adapt the content to your needs, distribute it to your users and track results.

Information Security

Data Protection / Data Privacy



Security Awareness – for sustainable cyber security

Employee awareness is elementary to achieve maximum cyber security. On our "Know-how Security Awareness" website you can find out everything about employee awareness, other possible awareness measures and forms of attack, e.g. phishing and social engineering. You can also test your knowledge in our Security Awareness Quiz!


Know-how & Quiz Security Awareness




Learn how you can implement in 3 steps a security awareness program.

Cyber Security Blog



  • Long-term cooperation with E-SEC and a broad customer base.
  • You benefit from our project experience from national and international awareness projects.
  • Unique combination of proven information security specialists and experienced professionals for the targeted and sustained communication within the company.
  • The learning content is communicated in a visual context within the 3D world through our Security Awareness specialists.
  • Our experts in social engineering assist you when necessary in the Security Awareness verification.