Ergon Informatik AG is a broadly diversified company that provides services to a wide variety of sectors. Ergon has exceptional expertise in sectors such as financial services, eBanking, telecommunications and security. In 1997, Ergon developed Switzerland's first eBanking system for Credit Suisse. Airlock Suite, our security product, was launched on the market in 2002 and is now used by 550 customers around the globe.

Airlock Secure Access Hub

Airlock is the central hub for secure access management in the digitalized world. Airlock's Secure Access Hub protects applications, APIs and data from identity theft.

Based on Swiss engineering, the sophisticated concepts even convince with complex challenges. The Airlock Suite combines filtering and authentication in a coordinated overall solution that also sets new standards in terms of usability and services. 

The Airlock Suite is flexible and adapts to existing environments, new challenges and individual needs. Due to the different requirements, the Airlock Suite offers individual solutions in one complete package.


Airlock Web Application Firewall

Airlock WAF analyses all traffic to the protected services and applications and blocks attack attempts before they reach internal services. Whether your objective is PCI DSS compliance, security for online banking or protection for eCommerce: Airlock WAF will upgrade security for your internet applications – a permanent solution with a host of well thought-out functionalities. Together with Airlock IAM, Airlock WAF ensures that every access is authenticated and authorised.


Airlock API Gateway

The interfaces expose sensitive data beyond the company boundaries to the Internet, where customers and partners can access it. Today, practically every web application requires user identification for certain accesses. Thanks to the upstream authentication separate from the business logic, Airlock API Gateway enables the central security of customer and employee-logins and supports various internal and external authentication means (tokens).



Airlock IAM (additional to Airlock Login)

The central authentification platform with enterprise mode allows customers, partners or employees a secure access to data and applications with logging on only once and automates the user administration.


Airlock 2FA 

Airlock 2FA is integrated into Airlock IAM and enables strong authentication using a second factor. Every customer can manage and use his personal key on his smartphone (iOS and Android).

InfoGuard WAF as a Service

Cloud-based web application firewall as a service for comprehensive protection of your web applications and portals. 

WAF as a Service



Strong authentication made easy - the Airlock whitepaper tells you everything about 2FA.


Download Whitepaper 2FA

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Your Benefits

  • Long-term cooperation with Ergon / Airlock and a broad customer base.
  • InfoGuard has a dedicated engineering team of certified Airlock specialists,.
  • Certified experts support you from architecture and design to the implementation and operation of your Web Application Firewall.