Extreme Networks offers end-to-end cloud-driven networking solutions – whether wired or wireless. Accelerate Digital Transformation without losing focus on your core business with intelligent, customisable and secure network access solutions.

Extreme Fabric

As a result of digitalisation, companies need a more flexible and easy-to-deploy network infrastructure to ensure the desired agility and achieve a competitive advantage. Network Fabric solutions address a wide range of different customer requirements. Extreme Networks offers best-in-class solutions to transform data centre and campus networks.

Extreme Data Center Fabric and VCS Fabric provide enterprises and service providers with optimal data centre networking components. Extreme Data Center Fabric is agile, plug-n-play and highly scalable. It quickly adapts to changes in traffic flow, packet sizes and protocols. Extreme Fabric Connect also provides a simple, flexible and secure network for campus and branch office environments. In doing so, Fabric Connect ensures faster network changes, increased stability, high-performance multicast and unifies wired and wireless networks.

Extreme offers a wide range of solutions so customers can choose the Fabric solution that best fits their use case and network requirements. Whether you are a customer looking for campus or data centre transformation, plug-and-play simplicity or programmability, automation and customisation, Extreme has the solutions for you. In addition, Extreme offers unmatched visibility and automation - from edge to multi-cloud.

Extreme Management Center (XMC)

Managing and monitoring corporate networks has become a complex and difficult task. The overview quickly gets lost in the process. With the Extreme Management Center (XMC), you can manage your entire network - whether it's Extreme solutions or third-party products from Palo Alto, Fortinet, etc. - from a central management console! The Management Center gives you everything you need to have visibility, transparency and control over your network - centrally and with a unified view from the edge to the data center.

Keep your network and firewalls under control with XMC, reduce your administration effort and gain not only time but also transparency!

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Network Access Control (NAC) from Extreme Networks

The Identity & Access Control solution from Extreme Networks (formerly NAC) gives you a full range of options for detailed network access control. It's a completely standards-based, multi-vendor solution with upstream and downstream control of wired and wireless LANs and VPN. You can grant rights to each individual user or group of users, allowing access to specific data or programmes. Permissions can be set to times of day, locations, operating programmes or authentication types.

Key features of the solution:

Automated BYOD enrolment allows users to enrol their own devices with their own credentials and without the assistance of the IT department. Guest self-registration, registration with sponsors, pre-registration and contact confirmation via SMS or email are also supported.
NAC configuration options include time, location, authentication types, device and operating system type, endpoints and user groups.
Includes various user identity functions, including discovery, authentication and role-based access controls. The process of managing user lifecycles (for example, enrolment, role change, deletion) can be automated and linked to other business processes with LDAP and RADIUS connectivity.
End node performance assessment with or without agents to determine the security status of devices connecting to the network. The software works with various assessment servers, authentication servers and security software agents.

ExtremeWireless (WLAN)

The increasing use of IoT and mobile devices leads to a high demand for WLAN technology. Extreme Networks' powerful and integrated edge technology includes high-performance 802.11ax standard (WiFi 6) WLAN access points for indoor and outdoor use. Designed to ensure unmatched connectivity in the densest and most demanding IT environments, 802.11ax access points enable four times the capacity of WiFi 5 technology. Extreme's WLAN access points are specifically designed to operate in demanding IT environments and under heavy load.

Key solution features:

Extreme uses machine learning to monitor and learn from the behaviour of 802.11ax RF networks. At the same time, this reduces the workload for network technicians and opens the way for autonomous work at the network edge.
Customers have a choice of three modes of programmable radio control devices to optimise coverage for 5 GHz. An integrated Bluetooth radio control device improves guest WLAN usage analysis, accurate location and IoT connectivity.
The integrated new WPA3 WLAN security standard improves the cryptographic strength of 802.11ax networks that transmit sensitive data, providing users with peace of mind that their wireless communications are secure.
Extreme AirDefense® also provides customers with a wireless intrusion prevention system that not only reliably protects business data, but also meets compliance requirements.


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  • Long-term cooperation with Extreme and a broad customer base.
  • Experienced and certified Extreme Team for architecture, engineering, support and operation from our Cyber Defence Center in Switzerland.
  • Managed Service from the Swiss ISO 27001 certified InfoGuard Cyber Defence Center.
  • Many years of experience in the field of networking - from architecture and design as well as implementation and operation.



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