NETSCOUT is a leading global provider of network security and management of enterprise data centers and server provider networks. From Internet-wide research to product innovation to thought leadership, NETSCOUT defines the leading edge of network security and management for today’s network operators. NETSCOUT employs big-picture thinking and leading-edge technology to solve critical network security and management challenges.

Arbor Networks Pravail DDoS Protection

NETSCOUT's DDoS protection solutions for an interconnected World

The global threat landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Network challenges such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks used to be the main concern of Internet Service Providers. However, with the increased availability of botnets and low-cost, easy-to-use hacking tools, anyone can now launch an attack – and everyone is a potential target.

Given the breadth and complexity of today’s DDoS attacks, service providers and the organizations they serve must work in tandem to tackle network challenges. That’s where NETSCOUT comes in. We offer best-in-class network traffic management and DDoS mitigation solutions for service providers as well as internal network visibility and on-premise DDoS mitigation tools for enterprises and government organizations.

Throughout the interconnected network environment in which service providers, enterprises and government organizations operate, NETSCOUT solutions facilitate comprehensive network protection and streamlined network operations. Our market-leading products deliver increased network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.


Corporate networks - and their users - are directly targeted by cyber attacks due to the increasing use of cloud solutions. But how present is the threat? And what measures should your company take? Learn more in the whitepaper by Netscout Arbor

Whitepaper Arbor DDoS in the Cloud
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  • InfoGuard maintains a close partnership with NETSCOUT.
  • Experienced and certified Network & Security Team for architecture, engineering, support and operation from our Cyber Defence Center in Switzerland.
  • Many years of experience in networking and security - from architecture and design as well as implementation and operation.



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