Palo Alto Networks™ is the network security company. Its next-generation firewalls enable unprecedented visibility and granular policy control of applications and content. Palo Alto Networks™ firewalls accurately identify and control applications – regardless of port, protocol, evasive tactic or SSL encryption – and scan content to stop threats and prevent data leakage.

Palo Alto Series

Application Firewalling = Next Generation Firewalling

Palo Alto Networks (PAN) next generation firewall is a new approach to professional, the application is based on control rather than the conventional control port.

What has been established in recent years as a technical response to threats, was the "stacking" of four different systems: packet filtering, VPN gateway, Application level gateway / content filtering and IDS / IPS. The result: high complexity, four completely different GUIs, no cross-device event correlation, undesirably high latency, resource-intensive surgical operation. With Palo Alto Networks was the idea of perimeter protection designed from scratch, because it involves.

  • Identification of applications regardless of port, protocol or encryption methods
  • Identification of users regardless of the IP address
  • Granular visibility and control over application access and functions
  • Real-time protection against hidden threats in applications
  • Multi-gigabit throughput, in-line integration, minimal latency increase

Based on the security operating system PAN-OS the Palo Alto Networks appliances combine application control App-ID, the integration of user identity (User ID), content filtering (Content ID), networking, VPN and management features.

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Why Palo Alto Networks by InfoGuard?

Your Benefits

  • Long-term cooperation with Palo Alto and a broad customer base.
  • InfoGuard is Platinum Partner of Palo Alto.
  • Through regular training and workshops are our Security Engineers experts in their field.
  • Extensive experience in large and complex environments as well as in firewall and network security.

«The Palo Alto solution helps us to maintain all-embracing perimeter security at Pilatus and embed it within our security concept.»


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