Recorded Future's unique technology collects and analyzes massive amounts of data to gain relevant real time insight into cyber threats. Recorded Future's solution aggregates this information with all other threat data sources. As relevant intelligence is updated in real time and integrated into your existing infrastructure, it leads to faster and more informed security decisions. Recorded Future allows you to implement a proactive security strategy.

Recorded Future supports security teams with threat intelligence based on patented machine learning to minimize risk. The technology automatically collects and analyzes information from a wide range of data sources, including deep and darkweb, and provides valuable contextual information that is provided in real time for further manual analysis or immediate integration into existing security technologies.

The recorded Future solution not only reads and understands the meaning of words and technical data in multiple languages, but also uses historical data from over 20 billion data points to identify patterns. Recorded Future has learned the language of threats to overcome the noise of potential false positives.

Why Recorded Future?

Threat Intelligence improves detection and response to cyber attacks to help all security teams take faster and more targeted action. Recorded Future provides valuable information about malicious infrastructures such as RAT controllers, phishing campaigns, and vulnerable hosts or technologies.

  • Reduce analysis time: Access to contextual intelligence replaces manual research that can consume your resources.
  • Make reliable decisions: Direct access to the source material gives you the desired context for protective measures.
  • Understand relevant risks: Real-time notification of active and emerging threats strengthens your proactive defense.

And even better, Recorded Future Threat Intelligence easily integrates with existing security solutions to proactively optimize security.

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For security teams, Recorded Future provides real-time threat intelligence from technical, open web, and dark web sources for better defense against cyberattacks.

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  • Reduce research time with access to contextual intelligence
  • Make reliable decisions
  • Understand relevant risks with real-time notifications
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