SEPPmail applications are the result of more than 10 years of technology design and application experience, as well as the continued implementation of a pioneering and patented systems architecture. With its appliance-based, e-mail security solution, SEPPmail provides the perfect solution to this need. SEPPmail’s patented and groundbreaking encryption and communication system, Secure E-Mail Gateways, complies with the highest security standards, achieves short introduction times, reduced administration requirements and user-friendly application – for both the sender and recipient of e-mail messages.


SEPPmail Secure Email Appliance - E-Mail-Sicherheit

SEPPmail Secure E-Mail

Thanks to SEPPmail, companies and institutions of all sizes now have a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to secure their e-mail traffic. It is worth noting that neither sender nor receiver PCs require software installation. This is because encrypted and electronically signed e-mails can be sent and read within the standard e-mail environment.

The multiple award-winning e-mail encryption appliances within the SEPPmail portfolio guarantee professional, cost-effective and fit-for-the-future solutions for secure and user-friendly e-mail communication.

Whether as hardware appliance or VM (Virtual Machine), SEPPmail offers you a unique full-scale e-mail solution with a feature set beyond compare. Simple, fast, cost-effective – sending and receiving digitally signed and/or encoded e-mails is now easier than ever.

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  • Close cooperation with SEPPmail and a broad customer base.
  • InfoGuard has a engineering team of certified SEPPmail specialists.
  • Long-term project and support experience.



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