Twistlock is the leading provider of full-stack, full-lifecycle container and cloud-based cyber security for teams using dockers, Kubernetes, serverless and other native cloud technologies. Twistlock integrates with any CI tool and registry and runs wherever you want to run your native VMs, containers and cloud applications.

Vulnerability Management

Identify and prevent vulnerabilities across the entire application lifecycle while prioritizing risk for your cloud native environments. Developers want to integrate vulnerability management into their CI process, while security teams want to continuously monitor, identify, and prevent risks to all the containers, images, and hosts in their environment. Twistlock provides deep insight into vulnerability management with cloud native intelligence and knowledge about your runtime deployments to create risk scoring that’s specific to your applications.

Runtime defense for cloud native stack

Runtime defense features network and application firewalls, runtime security from containers to Fargate to serverless, and powerful host protection — Twistlock is the only security tool you need to defend your cloud native environment against vulnerabilities and active threats. Machine-learning powered runtime defense secures your cloud platform environment: network, file system, processes and system calls.


Twistlock helps organizations monitor, achieve and enforce compliance for containers and native cloud environments. With Twistlock Compliance Explorer, organizations can enforce standard configurations, security best practices, the use of trusted registration systems, and recommended deployment templates to ensure that their container environments, wherever they are, comply with industry or enterprise policies.

Cloud native security that is integrated into a continuous integration / delivery environment

Twistlock integrates security into your continuous integration processes and workflows so you can find and fix problems before they get to production. Powerful CI capabilities allow developers to view vulnerability status every time they run a build, without the need for a separate tool or interface. Security teams can set policies that serve as a quality control point to ensure that only corrected images progress in the pipeline.

Cloud native Layer 4 and Layer 7 firewall

The Twistlock platform enables security teams to go beyond manually managing IP addresses on the whitelist by providing firewalls for native cloud environments. Twistlock provides Layer 4 firewalls and Layer 7 firewalls that automatically learn the network topology of your applications and provide application-specific microsegmentation for all your microservices. This optimizes protection against modern threats.

Access Control / Key Management

Set up appropriate access control measures for cloud workloads and native cloud applications and monitor access. Twistlock uses the native cloud stack to protect the underlying hosts, dockers and cubernet while integrating with IAM and Secrets management tools and other core technologies.

This and other information can also be found in our brochure and datasheet (German) about Twistlock:

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