Utimaco has been developing hardware based security solutions since 1994. Today, Utimaco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and professional solutions for hardware security module technology.

Customers and partners value the reliability, simplicity, and long-term investment security of the Utimaco security solutions. Utimaco stands for recognized product quality, user-friendly software, excellent support, and products that effectively meet market requirements.

Utimaco Hardware Security Modul HSM von InfoGuard

Hardware Security Modul (HSM)

The Utimaco hardware series serves any demand for crypto security, from tamper-responsiveness over active zeroization to compliance with true random number generation.


DThe Utimaco Se hardware series made for enterprises who focus on performance while trusting in certified and tamper-proof crypto security. We designed it to cover the emerging needs for mass processing of crypto operations. As typical for Utimaco HSMs, it is available both as a 19-inch LAN appliance as well as a PCIe plug-in card.


The Utimaco CSe hardware series intended for those who run highly sensitive applications in areas like infrastructure. Security was the focal point when we designed the build of this device. It guarantees tamper-responsiveness and active zeroization on mechanical or physical attacks, allowing for FIPS Level 4, CC and banking industry certification.

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Why Utimaco by InfoGuard?

Your Benefits

  • Long-term cooperation with Utimaco and a broad customer base.
  • Many successful projects based on Utimaco's hardware security modules.
  • InfoGuard has a competent team of experts for security architecture and design as well as the implementation of security infrastructures based on HSMs.