Artificial intelligence – the time is ripe for the next generation of Wi-Fi

The digital world is in a state of upheaval, and so is what we now expect from Wi-Fi technology. The gap is constantly widening between what wireless networks are expected to deliver in the business environment and what is really available. There are new cloud architectures that are integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) engines, ready to revolutionise wireless networks. Learn more about the next generation of Wi-Fi in this blog article.

There is an increasing number of tablets, mobile phones and IoT devices that only work using Wi-Fi. This will continue to be the case with the new Wi-Fi 6. The new standard promises greater speed, better functionality and the ability to connect even more devices to the network not to mention hyperlinked IoT. It is essential for businesses today to have a fast, reliable wireless network that is available 24/7. Not having this kind of network has a negative impact on business growth, innovation and competition.

The wireless of yesteryear has had its day

Conventional Wi-Fi systems are not particularly good at dealing with the numerous different data points, interpreting them or even behaving appropriately. This is a huge, growing problem for companies. Operating and managing wireless networks is more complex than ever before, due to the sheer range of different devices, operating systems and applications which place a burden on the systems. The wireless network of yesteryear has had its day. It is no longer able to match what modern, networked companies are looking to achieve. The time has come for greater efficiency and agility and a whole new level of automation. Most importantly, it's time for Wi-Fi to learn to be able to think for itself and become a problem solver - not just a means of wireless communication.

The time is ripe for the next Wi-Fi generation

Modern systems, such as Mist Systems by Juniper Networks, use artificial intelligence to revolutionise the corporate wireless network. Mist Systems is the first AI-based platform to deliver an intelligent solution for businesses in the digital age, enabling them to be future-oriented.

Mist Systems has the following unique features:

  • Your security is under control. It defines, monitors and enforces key performance metrics, SLE (Service Level Expectations), such as throughput, capacity, roaming and uptime. Provides predictable recommendations to prevent or resolve problems immediately.
  • Marvis, an integrated AI engine, is integrated into the Mist Systems platform. This enables rapid troubleshooting, trend analysis, anomaly detection and the proactive management of issues. These features mean that IT operations are made simpler without any costly overlay sensors, data acquisition hardware or additional software.
  • Modern microservices cloud. The Mist Systems Cloud is built on advanced micro-services architectures that give the network the flexibility of SaaS, so network updates, patches or new features can be quickly deployed to minimise risk.
  • Virtual BLE for indoor locations. Juniper’s patented vBLE technology (Virtual Bluetooth Low Energy) and machine learning in Mist Systems Precise and real-time positioning enable vBLE to track and locate assets such as laptops or medical equipment within hospitals. It is also capable of locating smart devices at any time, which enables the provision and maintenance of high-quality location services such as route planning, resource tracking and proximity alerts. 


Platform Mist Systems

Illustration: Mist platform for the AI-supported businesses


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