Backstage at InfoGuard’s Cyber Defence Center

By now, everyone is aware that fighting cyber attacks is no longer enough. Today every enterprise must assume that their systems have already been penetrated, or that they will soon be. And this goes for your enterprise too! This is why it is all the more important that the issue of cyber defence is given serious consideration. In InfoGuard’s Cyber Defence Center (CDC) our cybersecurity specialists take care of the issue, day in day out, 24/7, for the sake of our clients’ security. Our specialists show you here, what the average day in a CDC looks like.

Even long before the opening of the new 250 sq. mt. Cyber Defence Center, InfoGuard has been working intensively on comprehensive cyber defence controls for the highest protection of its clients’ systems. It is imperative that the whole data traffic is permanently kept under control, and all potential threats analysed, if each attacker must be isolated at an early stage – down to the most sophisticated ones.

In InfoGuard’s certified CDC, our specialists keep vigil round the clock, to monitor the activities of those cybercriminals who have set their aim on our clients’ crown jewels. 30 security experts and analysts work in the center, under the lead of Mathias Fuchs, Head of Cyber Defence. In this interview, he and Désirée Sacher – Senior Cyber Security Analyst – report on the average workday, which is definitely never boring, and the challenges of cyber defence.

In Person – InfoGuard’s Cyber Defence Specialists in a video interview.


*Video in German


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