[Video] Incident Response – the 5 most common mistakes

Plenty of companies still believe that having strong firewalls is ample to keep attackers out. However, the reality is that no company can be one hundred percent protected against attacks – quite the opposite, in fact. This makes it even more important to define at an early stage the strategy for the actions to be taken "in the event of an incident”, and this should also include incident response. There are stumbling blocks lurking here, too, ones that can get in the way of a successful response to an incident. Mathias Fuchs is the Head of Investigation & Intelligence at InfoGuard, and in just 200 seconds he will tell you what these stumbling blocks are and how to avoid them!


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Incident Response is much more than just looking for clues

You can be hit by a cyberattack at any time. The InfoGuard Incident Response Retainer is the ultimate solution for when you need to be prepared and to act quickly, efficiently and effectively. That's why our Incident Response Retainer is so comprehensive. With us, you will receive:

  • Assistance from our experienced Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)
  • Detection of the attacker to isolate them as quickly as possible
  • Comprehensive damage analysis performed by security experts from our Swiss Cyber Defence Center
  • Assistance with restoring normal operations
  • Guarantee of the obligation under the GDPR to report a security incident within 72 hours

Incident Response Retainer – Expect the unexpected

Think ahead and be prepared when things turn critical. You can find more information about the Incident Response Retainer here:

Incident Response Retainer

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Mathias Fuchs
About the author / Mathias Fuchs

InfoGuard AG - Mathias Fuchs, Vice President Investigation & Intelligence

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