Why Advanced Threat Prevention is so important

Companies are increasingly faced with advanced attacks on their networks. A comprehensive, real-time view of the network environment is needed in order to detect these cyber threats. Read this blog article to understand why you need to think about Advanced Threat Prevention.

Advanced Threats are on the rise

Attacks such as fake e-mails from business partners, malicious code sent by e-mail that has been carefully disguised and other similar attacks are always in the headlines. A growing number of companies are suffering from attacks like these and Emotet is just one example in a long list of them. Basically, hackers are always coming up with new ways to bypass ordinary spam filters and firewalls. This can have disastrous consequences for companies, authorities and other organisations.

Ransomware is by no means dead

The Swiss Federal Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI) has recently published its 30th half-yearly report. This report deals with the most important cyber incidents in Switzerland and abroad in the second half of 2019. The report also deals with one of the greatest dangers posed by cyber criminals – ransomware. These encryption trojans have caused huge damage in recent years, and in some cases have even led to the companies affected becoming insolvent. Unfortunately, the attackers are cunning and are constantly changing their methods. These days, cyber criminals often copy data before encrypting it. The attackers then threaten to publish the data they have copied if the ransom is not paid.

Advanced threats are a challenge to your security

Advanced attacks on corporate networks are a growing threat. They are often specifically designed to circumvent traditional security measures in order to gain access to confidential information or to encrypt important information in order to then demand a ransom.

Although organisations often have an effective security architecture with a strong first line of defence, like firewalls, endpoint security products, phishing detection solutions and more, they are frequently unaware of the need to protect themselves. However, these products primarily offer protection against known cyber threats. But what about the advanced, unknown threats that often use automation and stealth tactics? How can security teams close this gap before the business is compromised?

One thing is for certain – the ongoing lack of qualified security experts and the huge flood of data from existing IT systems will do nothing to help reduce this problem, which raises the question of what companies can do. As well as the experts mentioned above, this includes SIEM solutions. Unfortunately, these often only provide insight into the symptoms, without having the ability to recognise the threat itself. That's why companies need to use extra threat prevention solutions and take security to the next level by acing in advance to stop unknown malware and detect attacks.

Juniper ATP – real-time protection against advanced threats

Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) offers comprehensive protection against attacks that target sensitive data. Solutions like these are often offered as a dedicated solution or even as a cloud service. While there are many different details, in general ATP solutions contain several different security components, such as malware protection systems, sandboxing and of course, a management console that helps administrators to keep track of all alerts.

Advanced Threat Prevention by Juniper is one example of next-generation security solutions that strengthen cyber resilience. JATP provides companies with comprehensive, real-time visibility into their network environment to prevent unknown malware and attacks. This enables security teams to quickly take countermeasures to reduce the threat throughout the network and close the security gap. JATP uses SecIntel, Juniper's security intelligence feed to identify day-one threats, as well as sandboxing and machine learning. The solution is available as a cloud service or a dedicated appliance.

The video by our partner Juniper Networks shows how you can protect yourself from advanced threats:


This is how to benefit from Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention

JATP can be implemented quickly and easily and offers you the following advantages:

  • JATP locates and blocks known and unknown cyber threats on the network within just 15 seconds.
  • Day-one threats can be identified using threat behavioural analysis, sandboxing and machine learning.
  • JATP can be seamlessly integrated into your existing security architecture.
  • It provides unparalleled protection against sophisticated threats that are targeting your business.
  • Analysts' and support providers' productivity can be significantly improved.
  • Use JATP to protect internal and cloud-based resources, e-mails and data to gain deeper insight into vulnerable users and endpoints.

Would you like to learn more about the security solution? Our Juniper specialists will be happy to provide you with in-depth advice.

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