These are the disciplines a Ciso must master!

The tasks of a CISO are sophisticated and very varied  ‒ especially as part of our dynamic world of cyber security. 

Core tasks a CISO has to master are for example:

  • ensuring business continuity,
  • the fulfillment of business requirements,
  • ensuring data protection and governance,
  • the construction of ICT-Security arrangements,
  • operating a security organization, including monitoring, threat detection and incident response,
  • reporting und control,
  • or the staff leadership and their sensitization.


This list and graphic overview are not concluding at all. Furthermore, they are completely generalised. Would you like to know which specific tasks the role of a Chief Information Security Officer includes?

InfoGuard provides you a free poster where you can find the disciplines a CISO must master detailed and clear. Filling in the form on the right leads you to the free download.

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