The InfoGuard data protection experts are there to support you within the DPC-as-a-Service framework by analyzing and defining an effective data protection strategy and implementing the appropriate measures. This ensures that the legal requirements are consistently adhered to. That’s why you can rely on the collaboration of our experienced data protection experts.

Why DPC-as-a-Service could also be something for you

DPC-as-a-Service offers you many advantages, such as in-depth expertise and a fixed time limit. The following are some of the tasks that are possible within a mandate:

  • Creation of a DPMS (Data Protection Management System)
  • Data Protection Audit according to various standards
  • Revising and adapting your current data protection measures
  • Improving process-related data quality
  • Introducing a data protection management framework, including integration into an ISMS
  • Development and implementation of an effective, proactive data protection strategy
  • Preparation and maintenance of processing directories as part of the recording obligation
  • Planning and execution of internal and external audits on data protection and data security
  • Examining the admissibility of data transfers in third countries
  • Identification and management of cyber security risks in supply chains
  • Developing a proactive approach to safeguarding the legal rights of data subjects (right to "forget", rectification, the right of access, data portability, the right of appeal, etc.)
  • Preparation of data protection impact assessments (e.g. legitimacy of profile formation, use of data for marketing purposes, customer advertising, etc.)
  • Communicating with supervisory authorities
  • Evaluation of websites in terms of data protection and data security (terms and conditions, imprint, authentication, authorization)
  • Building catalogs of measures to be put in place for data protection and data security

You can count on our expertise - from strategy to the implementation of data protection and data security measures. Contact us now, and we will be happy to advise you on our DPC-as-a-Service with no obligation to purchase.


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