NIST CSF Gap Analysis


An important first step is to run checks on their own cyber security in a targeted manner, with the aim of reducing risks and discovering vulnerabilities in the information security strategy they have in place and the impact of these.

Would you like to know how your cyber security is performing?

InfoGuard Gap Analysis is carried out based on the internationally recognised NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF), providing you with the transparency you need. Important notice: We focus on companies in Europe, especially in the DACHLI region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.



Our security experts detect discrepancies in all NIST CSF issues (see the chart above), assess them and make prioritised recommendations for corrective action. You receive a comprehensive report, in which everything is detailed and discussed with you.

How you benefit from our NIST CSF gap analysis:

  • You are given an overview of your current cyber securitySnipIT.CaptureSpider.NIST.EN-1 situation, ranging from identification of and protection against risks, detection of and response to events, to restoring operations following a security incident.
  • You are made aware of the major risks and they have been assessed by independent experts.
  • You understand your strengths/weaknesses profile with respect to the NIST CSF.
  • You receive concrete recommendations for the measures that need to be taken - prioritised on the basis of the risk assessment - and you can start optimising your cyber security straight away.
  • All of the findings of the NIST CSF Gap Analysis are documented in a detailed report and discussed with you.

All this starting from just 9,600.-- Swiss francs!


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