[Poster] Don't give phishing e-mails a chance!


Phishing a term that appears more and more frequently in the media. Not for nothing, because phishing attacks are one of the biggest and most common threats for companies of all sizes. Why? Because humans are the weakest link in the security chain. Even the best IT infrastructure and cyber security strategy will not help if employees are not made aware of how to deal with cyber risks. 

infoguard-cyber-security-phishing-poster-previewPhishing? Not with you!

In our free poster, our pentesters have put together tips and tricks on how to recognize phishing e-mails in an instant and expose cyber criminals. 

So if you or your employees are not sure whether it is a phishing email or not, simply take our poster with you. You'll see: Exposing cyber criminals can be easier than many think – download now for free!


Phishing Poster

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