Rapidly advancing technological developments along with new ways of working and attack patterns demand a strengthening of cyber security. Traditional perimeter-based security strategies do not provide sufficient protection against today’s cyber threats. The optimal solution to this is the zero trust approach.

Implementing zero trust does not merely involve a single technology platform or zero trust service. There is no better place to start than our “Zero Trust Readiness Assessment” when it comes to identifying risks and weaknesses in your current zero trust strategy and implementing solutions to strengthen your long-term cyber security.

We help you become zero trust-ready

Our Zero Trust Readiness Assessment involves a gap analysis that is measured against the “Zero Trust Good Practice” being carried out. The analysis will show you which of the good practices have been sufficiently defined and implemented in your zero trust strategy and which have not. Discrepancies are assessed in terms of their risk-criticality. Prioritised recommendations for action are developed on this basis and presented in the form of a solution path.

The following results are available after the “Zero Trust Readiness Assessment”

  • Overview of the current status of zero trust implementation and cyber security
  • Zero trust capability & maturity assessment
  • Creation of a strengths and weaknesses profile
  • Description of concrete recommendations for measures
  • Development of an appropriate strategy and roadmap
  • Planning, budgeting, prioritisation, time management and implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Documentation of the results in a detailed report

Our “Zero Trust Readiness Assessment” provides you with an overview of the current maturity level for the current implementation status of zero trust. You will receive a prioritised list of actions and milestones that will help you implement an environment that meets today’s and tomorrow’s collaboration and security requirements.

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Zero Trust Readiness Assessment (EN)