Looking back to the year past: what has stirred the cyber security world

The year comes to the end, which for most of us means more stress. We look with expectation to the coming spiritual holidays, and we wonder, what challenges does cyber security have in store for us for 2018. Still it’s important that your enterprise stays up-to-date, and that you are aware of the technology trends that will influence you. A first step towards the future consists of looking back to a very rough 2017. In this post we tell you which six themes of our Cyber Security & Cyber Defence Blog took away most sleep from our readers, or have kept them busy anyway. Did we make you curious? Then, let’s start.

And the winner is… GDPR!

The number one cyber security theme in 2017 was quite obviously and not surprisingly the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; in German, DSGVO). Being prepared for the GDPR has kept all of our readers busy like nothing else, and is guaranteed to do so in 2018 as well. Why? Because it’s the last moment: the regulation shall enter into force in all Europe on May 25th, 2018. From that date, you must be able to prove compliance to the regulation. In this specific page, and in our highly topical white paper we explain which steps you need to take, and the best way to do it. We believe this to be your best possible read, between Christmas and New Year. After which, you are left with 145 days to be ready for the GDPR!

Rung 2 goes to our Cyber Defence Center – because preventive security is no longer enough

We all know, that any enterprise must assume today that their systems have already been penetrated; or possibly, that they will be the next victim of an attack. For this reason it is of the utmost importance that infiltrations are rapidly detected, that a speedy reaction is taken, and that the security infrastructure is optimised as a consequence. A Cyber Defence Center serves exactly for this purpose. In May 2017 InfoGuard has opened one of the most modern CDCs, and in October we hosted a visit by the Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin. And weeks before the opening we showed our readers how our Cyber Security Center was being built; our cyber security analysts gave you a glimpse of their daily activities. An engagement that shows in the placement of the theme as number two for 2017.

Hackers and cyber criminals grab the bronze medal, with the help of the Darknet

Ransomware, Phishing, DDoS, APT-attacks… cyber criminals turn ever more sophisticated, are better equipped (and organised – e.g. the Darknet) and are committed to a relentless search of vulnerabilities in technologies, processes, and people; and to exploiting the vulnerabilities, with precise targets in mind. The growing number of devices connected to the network, including the now-better-known Internet of Things (IoT), make for billions of new network access points, each of which in turn makes for an attack target for cyber criminals. Our penetration testers authored several posts during the year, in which the dangers and attack points for cyber criminals were shown .

A close miss for the podium, but still appreciated: the CISO and the cyber security strategy

You too, as a CISO, must have had a keen interest in 2017 for issues such as the optimisation of your cyber security strategy. Let’s be honest: cyber security without you, is unthinkable! The finance market has been the first to react, with FINMA’s circular 08/21; but everybody has it clear by now, that cyber security belongs to the agenda of each and every enterprise. Our cyber security consultants have clearly documented, in a number of blog posts, what must a cyber security strategy contain and how must an optimal cyber security framework be made. The checklist of the 1001 duties of a CISO is one of the most popular posts in the ending year. Our cyber security guide lies on many desks in leading enterprises in Switzerland. Not yet on yours? In 2018 you will have new chances of taking our expert tips into account in your cyber security.

Industry 4.0 and the IoT tie for the smart 5th place

For an enterprise of today, such as your own, the Internet of Things (IoT) is essential. Are you capable of handling it? For many it is not yet clear, what are the (almost unlimited) opportunities it really offers, and what chances and dangers does the IoT bring along. What does actually happen, when your IT systems, which until today were isolated, become connected to one another through open standards, and are integrated into a much bigger, comprehensive technology network? The IoT redefines the subject of security: away from closed systems and proprietary methods, into intelligent technology networks - never mind if it’s surveillance cameras, door access control systems or fridges. Smart technologies and connected risks were a relevant theme for you too, in 2017.

Sixth place belongs to the future!

Cyber security is a big challenge, and in the future, it will be even more so. You need well trained specialists: the lack of specialised workforces has been a relevant theme for a long time, which has kept you busy this year too. But you mustn’t panic: you are not alone. Not at all. Especially in cyber security, this issue is the reason for a lot of headaches. We also had our experience with the issue, and have told our story of how we managed to get through. And on the national Day of the Future, four children have seen that cyber security experts not only have lots of specific know-how; they also like drinking coffee. This item has achieved top-rank among our blog authors: CONGRATULATIONS to Liam, Lukas, Lorena and Ivo!

Summing up 2017: cyber security moves!

As you see, 2017 was once again a very turbulent year in the world of cyber security. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many positive feedbacks to our blog. In the coming year we will also write many interesting reports, and give our full attention to the latest themes and trends. We expect an eventful, passionate new year, and wish you and all our readers Merry Holidays and a Happy Start of the New Year 2018!

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