3 ways in which Threat Intelligence can help you to optimise your cyber security

IT security teams often rely on a variety of solutions to achieve maximum cyber security. Why? Because more and more methods are needed to fend off attackers. Attackers are creative and are always finding new ways to bypass security systems. But why is there a need to use other solutions? The sheer thought of it is enough to cause some people major headaches. In this blog post, we show you how a comprehensive threat intelligence solution can save you money, time and stress.

In cyber defence, knowledge is the most powerful tool there is. Companies that know how to integrate Threat Intelligence knowledge into their decision-making processes in a meaningful way can act faster, more efficiently and consequently work more "intelligently". Due to the flood of information, a lot of alerts now seem to be more like distractions than serious information – but this is not true with threat intelligence. Meaningful integration provides valuable insights that can improve security levels in the long term.

Threat Intelligence – a head start on 3 levels

Experts have demonstrated that using a threat intelligence solution can deliver significant cost savings. On average, the investment in this type of solution pays for itself after (just) four months. But what are the areas where these cost savings become apparent and what are the other benefits? The main benefits can be seen in these three areas:

  • The security team has more time to respond to threats
  • Employee productivity increases
  • Reduced vulnerabilities lower the risk of criminal or financial penalties

Increased response time for security teams

Cyber criminals are creative and are always finding new ways to break into systems. Did you know that on average it only takes ten days to find and exploit the first weak point of a new system or solution? For you, this means one thing above everything else -always be alert. Automate wherever possible so that your specialists can concentrate on the most important thing - protecting your data.

Now just imagine - these threats could be identified ten times faster and prevented up to 63% faster. How? You guessed right, with Threat Intelligence! The time-critical capture and processing of alerts can be automated. A scalable solution helps to assess the risk profile more rapidly and accurately.

Increase your employees‘ productivity

In your team, work can be made much simpler by implementing a threat intelligence solution. Doing so leaves more time for other activities, such as revising your cyber defence strategy. Threat Intelligence means that huge amounts of data can be managed faster and more efficiently. It also reduces unplanned downtime, with no more critical, last-minute updates needing to be performed. With Threat Intelligence, unplanned downtime can be reduced by up to 86%!

Be no longer afraid of penalties due to security breaches

Many companies are respectful - and justifiably so - of how they store personal information, such as credit card numbers or customers’ birth dates. Data breaches pose an enormous risk. Possible consequences do not just include costly fines and penalties, incidents can be massively damaging to reputations which in the long run can even be much more harmful. Here, too, you can use Threat Intelligence to prevent data protection breaches in the first place.

Innovative Threat Intelligence for proactive cyber security

To summarise: threat Intelligence offers many different benefits and can provide effective support for your cyber security. Now you're wondering what solution our cyber security experts recommend? Our number one Threat Intelligence solution is called Recorded Future. Their solution gathers and analyses huge amounts of data, to provide you with truly relevant insights. They are updated in real time and integrated into your infrastructure, so you can take faster, better-informed security decisions. You can rely on a proactive security strategy with Recorded Future's Threat Intelligence platform and request a demo today!

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