Detect security incidents at an early stage and react accordingly.

Complex attacks, zero-day exploits and increasingly agile cybercrime techniques challenge your endpoint security. Specialized tools are needed to protect against today's cyber attacks. Because if your cyber security analysts are overloaded with alerts and can't see which alerts have priority, they can't respond effectively to cyber attacks. What needs to be done?

We have the solution! Our partner Tanium has created a platform, especially for this purpose - unique on the market on its kind. It bridges Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) gaps so you can ensure a continuous endpoint security process. Tanium combines cyber security and system management in one solution with unsurpassed performance. With this unique technology, you can check plausibility in seconds, determine the extent of existing infections across the entire ICT infrastructure, and take immediate corrective action.


EDR-as-a-Service - only with InfoGuard 

InfoGuard offers you Tanium exclusively as a service - starting from 300 endpoints instead of the current 5,000. In future, SMEs will also benefit from this brilliant technology. EDR-as-a-Service is offered by our experienced experts in the ISO 27001 certified Cyber Defence Center in Switzerland. 

Interested? We would be happy to tell you more about our EDR-as-a-Service and show you how Tanium can be used in your company. Simply fill out the form on the right - we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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