To ensure that network investments pay off in the long term, all elements and their entire life cycle must be incorporated in the planning from the outset. Their integration into the existing architecture and the options for further development or the amount of training and support needed, as well as their replacement at the end of their life cycle must be factored in, as must all the potential for improvement that can be achieved immediately.

Our life cycle elements:

  • Strategic consultancy for network managers.
  • Efficient creation of new systems and their integration into existing infrastructures
  • Operation of individual network subareas or entire infrastructures as a managed service
  • Professional operational support
  • Risk-free replacement of old systems

The planning, building and operation of networks require differing and very specific qualifications. Architects must have a detailed knowledge of the interfaces between the individual areas and the dependencies. Drawing on their in-depth technological expertise, engineers develop very specific, optimum solutions for individual applications. As well as a detailed knowledge of the technologies used, operators must also be exceptionally reliable. Employees who suit a specific task and are a good team fit, both professionally and personality-wise, are rare. InfoGuard has access to a large pool of proven specialists for all roles, who can support companies in specific projects or possess all the skills needed to fill vacancies on a short or long-term basis.

The cost-efficient development and operation of a reliable, secure network infrastructure demands knowledge of many different individual technologies. Our experts are well versed in every aspect of networking and ICT security and so are able to effectively and quickly assist the relevant officers when needed. Thanks to our many years of practical experience and our strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers in all subareas, you can be confident that your investments will pay off in the long term.

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