Effective defence measures combined with Incident Detection and Response services are increasingly important to protect companies against cyber attacks. At our ISO 27001 certified and ISAE 3000 Type 2 audited Cyber Defence Center in Switzerland (Baar), we combine first-class expertise and sophisticated technologies with the many years of experience of our security experts and threat analysts and threat analysts. Our comprehensive Cyber Defence Services protect your on-premise, cloud, IoT and OT infrastructures around the clock.

Basic Detection Services
Advanced Detection Services
Security Operations Center
Incident Response & Recovery Services


In our InfoGuard Cyber Defence Center (CDC) in Switzerland, experienced security experts work in different, highly specialised teams. Collaboration within the CDC and also with other InfoGuard teams creates synergies that offer our customers real added value. No matter whether vulnerabilities in individual components, new attack strategies or rapid support in the event of an incident: we are the right partner. Tailored to individual needs, companies can use our modular services as managed services of their internal systems or as cloud services without investing in their own infrastructure. For particularly exposed data and systems, our Cyber Defence Center offers you a maximum level of security. InfoGuard is also a member of FIRST (Global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), which attests to the high quality standard of its cyber defence and response services.

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