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At the InfoGuard Cyber Defence Center, our entire security knowledge is at our customers' disposal. The benefits to you are twofold: Firstly, you can count on first-rate experts in each individual area. Secondly, the involvement of our specialists in service teams creates additional expertise synergies. Whether current weak spots in the individual components or new attack strategies circulating on the dark web, our professionals are always au fait with the latest situation. Depending on individual needs, companies can use our modular services as managed services for their internal systems or as cloud services, removing the need for infrastructure investments. For particularly exposed data and systems, our Cyber Defence Center (CDC) in Switzerland offers a maximum level of security on attractive terms.


Our network and security experts are available round-the-clock to assist you with problems and incidents. With Security Operations Services, you have a single point of contact for all issues within Switzerland.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

Successfully defending against cyber attacks starts with proactively eliminating known vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, along with the constant registering and analysis of log information for all of the system components.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

Attacks are both persistent and clever. It’s not uncommon for them to sneak in secretly over the course of weeks or even months into normal operations before they strike. Traditional security systems strike at this kind of attack at their borders. Our advanced detection services begin where firewalls, intrusion detection systems, spam filters, anti-malware solutions and advanced, next generation security end.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

Security incidents can have a significant business impact and unfortunately, they cannot always be prevented. This is why it is crucial for there to be a rapid, professional reaction by acknowledged experts. Our security incident response take place according to a standardised process in line with SANS and guarantees you rapid restoration of normal operations.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

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Would you like to learn more about Cyber Defence, Cyber Resilience, Detect and Respond and our InfoGuard Cyber Defence Center? Our experts regularly create whitepapers, checklists, templates and posters so that you can optimize your Cyber Security and Cyber Defence today. Once downloaded, our Content Offers are available to you at any time as a useful reference work - free of charge, of course. Download now!

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