10 years of the InfoGuard Security Lounge – Cyber security meets passion!

Enjoying stunning weather and midsummer temperatures, more than 260 guests gathered at the Zug Casino Theatre for the 10th InfoGuard Security Lounge to see a variety of presentations on cyber security, cyber defence and digitisation. As well as the presentations by customers, partners and our own experts, we also had some renowned speakers, such as Marc Henauer, Prof. Hannes P. Lubich and the well-known mentalist Dr. Florian Ilgen who amazed the audience. So you missed the security lounge? Let’s turn back time and give you a few of the highlights.

Cyber Threats – and what that actually means

The topics of cyber threats, cyber security and the digital mind set were scrutinised at the 10th InfoGuard Security Lounge under the banner of "digitisation". Marc Henauer, Head of the MELANI Section of the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (known as the NDB), opened the Security Lounge with a keynote speech on the topic "Cyber Risks Threats and Challenges". In the course of his talk, he identified two worrying developments: firstly, past incidents show that state and criminal actors consciously tolerate physical effects on human lives, and secondly, that the digitisation of physical processes also entails "unwanted" collateral damage. Therefore, these developments need to be incorporated into risk management.

infoguard-security-lounge-2019-mathias-fuchsAfterwards, Mathias Fuchs, our Head of Investigation & Intelligence, spoke about internal threats. He stressed that even with the increasing number of cyber risks and attacks, the threat from within the company should not be overlooked. The basic problem is that IT in most companies is still based on the "egg principle". This means there is a hard shell (perimeter), but a very soft center. However, attacks from within are not necessarily malicious or intentional. Ignorance as a risk factor should not be underestimated and should always be taken into account.

Also this year, the presentation from our Red Team aroused great interest. Luca Cappiello, Head of Penetration Testing & Research, and Reza Hedayat, Head of Security Innovation, demonstrated at the Security Lounge how a simulated cyber-attack works and the ways in which companies can benefit. Not only did they talk about long nights, they also introduced the VUREX platform. It is a platform “by security experts for security experts” on a technical level, which is there to share current knowledge and results. Exactly what VUREX is and how you can benefit from it will be revealed in a few weeks' time.

Cyber security – intelligent solutions for your security

infoguard-security-lounge-2019-2Following on from the first well-deserved refreshment break we listened to Professor Hannes P. Lubich, a specialist in the field of ICT Systems Management at the University of Applied Sciences for Technology and at ‘FHNW’. In his talk entitled "Information Security 2029 Old Friends and New Enemies" he showed which cyber risks will continue to preoccupy us in the future and which new ones will be arriving. In fact, looking 10 years into the future in our industry is an almost impossible task. Nonetheless, Lubich ventured to look into the crystal ball. In his own, highly entertaining way, he joked that in 10 years' time there will still be threats and we will still try to blame users. He also predicted that new computer paradigms, increasing network complexity and long, dynamic value chains would create new cyber risks. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to strengthen cyber resilience as well as prevention and detection. Finally, Lubich recommended emergency drills and preparing a "Plan B" for emergencies.

In the afternoon, we continued with talks from our security and network partners on technologies that are driving digitisation. According to Markus Nispel of Extreme Networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence will play a central role in automating network and IoT security. Christopher J. Hodson of Tanium then explained why Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is so important for effective, efficient cyber defence but also why we should not overlook prevention. Hodson explained that prevention alone does not provide adequate protection, but it is able at least to relieve the burden enormously especially the burden on those employees who are expected to detect the threats.

As we do every year, the Security Lounge also honoured partners with whom we have enjoyed an extremely successful cooperation. Tanium received the "Best Partner of the Year 2019" award and Palo Alto Networks was named Innovation Partner of the Year 2019.

Before the final keynote speech, InfoGuard customers had their say again this year. The City of Zurich/OIZ reported on the many and varied challenges in everyday life with SOC. Hypothekarbank Lenzburg then showed how they are implementing their Hypi vision of banking for the future. The third customer, Pax Pension Insurance, presented the way our InfoGuard experts had used social engineering to test the company's security. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers once again for their dedication!

Digital mind set – passionate about benefiting from digitisation

Technology alone is not enough to successfully master digitisation the mind set also has to be right. This is the view of mentalist Dr. Florian Ilgen, who specifically sees the secret of digital change in the "digital mind set". In his gripping show, Ilgen showed how strongly the subconscious influences our own perception and decision-making. The subconscious mind, however, is sluggish and likes to stick to old habits just like elephants do. This is why Ilgen appealed for more passion and emotion, because this is the only way to break new ground, master everyday changes and roll out innovative ideas. To develop our digital mind set, it needs a clear vision, good communication and managers who set a good example. All of us have the same obligations. Furthermore, passion and a positive attitude are the key factors in digitisation and they are the prerequisite for benefiting to the full from digital change. This is especially important in our rapidly-evolving digital day-to-day life, says Ilgen.

A hot day of cyber security comes to a comfortable end

The event with wonderful summer weather and a great view of Lake Zug was brought to a close with networking, refreshing drinks, culinary specialities and live music. You can see some impressions of the Security Lounge in our gallery.infoguard-security-lounge-2019-3

Once again, the 10th InfoGuard Security Lounge exceeded our expectations. The guests were just as enthusiastic, as the many positive feedbacks show. The months of preparation have definitely paid off and we are very motivated to organise the 11th annual InfoGuard Security Lounge next year.

We are already looking forward to the upcoming Security Lounge on 17 June 2020  what about you? Register now and block the date in your diary!

Security Lounge 2020

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