For many companies, getting an overview of their own basic cyber risks poses a major challenge. The ever-increasing momentum and evolving judgment has a significant impact on your company‘s exposure to risk. Our cyber risk self-monitoring service allows you to keep a close eye on your exposure to risk!

  • Real-time risk scoring for your company
  • Detailed security assessment as seen from the viewpoint of an external attacker
  • Access at any time to explanatory dashboards and reports that show your level of security
  • External risk assessment based on regular reviews by cyber security experts
  • Development of risk-based measures and recommendations

Our service provides you a real-time risk assessment for your company at any time!

These comprehensive analytics provide you and your security team with a detailed insight into your infrastructure, network and IT systems‘ vulnerabilities from a potential attacker‘s point of view. Using a user-friendly dashboard, we show the significant cyber risks for your company, analyse the risk landscape, and put forward the appropriate security measures to take.

Our cyber risk self-monitoring service will identify your security risks and allow you to manage and report them in a transparent way.


Make yourself aware of your cyber risks

Sample Report

  • BASIC Package
    • One-off online training for one administrator
    • Initial on-boarding & set-up of the web platform by InfoGuard
    • Informative dashboards and reports provide you with an up-to-date risk assessment 24/7.
    • Active monitoring by InfoGuard cyber security experts and notification to alert you in case of critical changes
    • Quarterly report on the latest risk scoring, including the formulation of recommendations
    • Duration: 1 year or 3 years

  • ADVANCED Package
    • Includes all the services in the BASIC package
    • Monthly online meeting on the changes in risk scoring with one of InfoGuard’s cyber security experts
    • Monthly risk scoring report
    • Formulation of risk-based recommendations and strategic support for cyber security issues
    • Duration: 1 year or 3 years

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Cyber Risk Self-Monitoring Service