Gaining an understanding of cyber security risks poses a great challenge for many corporations. The ever-increasing rate in technological growth and changing gravity of exposed security issues redefine the risk of your corporation on a daily basis. With InfoGuard's Digital Footprint Risk Monitoring Service, you keep an eye on your company's cyber risks!

  • You know your digital footprint on the Internet and discover your attack surface.
  • You know the vulnerabilities that are also visible and exploitable from the point of view of an external attacker.
  • You can continuously assess the cyber risks of your company and provide to your management valuable dashboard and reports about your security score around the clock.
  • You receive an external risk assessments based on periodic reviews by a InfoGuard cyber security experts with risk-based measures and recommendations.

Our service provides you a real-time risk assessment for your company at any time!

These comprehensive analytics provide you and your security team with a detailed insight into your infrastructure, network and IT systems‘ vulnerabilities from a potential attacker‘s point of view. Using a user-friendly dashboard, we show the significant cyber risks for your company, analyse the risk landscape, and put forward the appropriate security measures to take.

Our Digital Footprint Risk Monitoring Service will identify your security risks and allow you to manage and report them in a transparent way.


Make yourself aware of your cyber risks

Sample Report

  • BASIC Package
    • One-off online training for one administrator
    • Initial on-boarding & set-up of the web platform by InfoGuard
    • Informative dashboards and reports provide you with an up-to-date risk assessment 24/7.
    • Active monitoring by InfoGuard cyber security experts and notification to alert you in case of critical changes
    • Quarterly report on the latest risk scoring, including the formulation of recommendations
    • Duration: 1 year or 3 years

  • ADVANCED Package
    • Includes all the services in the BASIC package
    • Monthly online meeting on the changes in risk scoring with one of InfoGuard’s cyber security experts
    • Monthly risk scoring report
    • Strategic support in cyber security issues
    • Duration: 1 year or 3 years

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