Live Hacking-Demonstration

live hacking show - or how to raise awareness among your employees


Creating astonishment is the first step towards awareness – and consequently also towards sustained security awareness. That's why the most impressive method to make cyber security understandable is probably a live hacking demonstration by our security awareness experts and penetration testers. Your staff will be shown what catastrophic consequences even small mistakes can have – especially from the point of view of a hacker.

The live Hacking modules are diverse - and the choice is yours! 

The potential range of topics is very broad and can be individually tailored to meet your needs. For a live hacking demonstration, there are a variety of potential scenarios: trojans, man-in-the-middle attacks, infected documents, phishing & pharming, QR code, GPS location, smartphone apps & trojans, cross-site scripting and more. Normally, live hacking demonstrations can be easily carried out on-site in your company.

Interested in a live hacking show? 

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