Our Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management Services

InfoGuard can support your company throughout the entire supply chain lifecycle (on-boarding, integration ‒ management ‒ automation ‒ optimization ‒ off-boarding) with regard to cyber security. This includes:

  • Showing your company's cyber risk landscape in the supply chain and the maturity of your organization
  • Identifying suppliers and defining their criticality
  • Assistance in the procurement process including cyber risks
  • Defining specifications for identifying and assessing cyber risk

In addition, we offer you a cyber security risk assessment based on the supplier's online presence (external view). We use various solutions developed in-house as well as the solution by SecurityScorecard - our partner in evaluating IT security risks with suppliers.




For critical businesses, we offer a variety of services that give you a clearer picture of the cyber security maturity of your suppliers and subcontractors, including:

  • IT security assessments, IT security audits, data protection audits and penetration testing of a specific system, network or application
  • Evaluation of the supplier (based on tier, service etc.) using questionnaires, interviews and other evaluation tools, taking into account cyber risks
  • On the basis of the results, defining the appropriate measures (related to process/organisation, people and technology)
  • Definition of protective measures for cyber risks

We assist those of you in management to initiate a decision on risk management based on the weak points identified and to take measures to minimise risk. InfoGuard can support you with a wide range of knowledge, tools and processes to help your suppliers eliminate the vulnerabilities identified.

  • Support in defining your company's strategy regarding the integration of cyber supply chain risk management
  • Help defining requirements and thresholds for sustainable cyber risk in the supply chain
  • Review of security requirements for suppliers, e.g. based on changing criticality and identification of cyber risk changes
  • Establishment of C-SCRM monitoring and reporting

We can assist you in defining and implementing measures and in responding to security incidents. Because cyber security incidents can occur, despite best efforts to identify and minimise risks in your supply chain. In this case, it is crucial to provide rapid and well-founded support in containing incidents:

  • Incident management
  • Business continuity management
  • Forensic analysis
  • Crisis management

InfoGuard is the ideal partner to assist your company in cyber supply chain risk management. Furthermore, we can offer you comprehensive security solutions to protect your company or supplier – as well as targeted cyber defence services – in the event of a security incident.