Recognise your cyber risks from a hacker's perspective

Hardly a day goes by without reading about cyber attacks in the media. Although new security solutions are constantly appearing on the market, cyber attacks are not decreasing and they are omnipresent nowadays.


Get clarity about your security risks


With InfoGuard's Digital Footprint Risk Monitoring Service, you can keep an eye on your company's cyber risks. The service offers you the following services:

  • An up-to-date risk assessment of your own company from an attacker's perspective at any time.
  • A detailed risk rating based on detected vulnerabilities of the infrastructure, network and IT system as well as other publicly available information.
  • Meaningful dashboards and reports document the current security situation and show changes over time.
  • Active monitoring and periodic reviews of the risk scoring with InfoGuard experts.
  • Proof of the current security situation, the change and thus the ROI of cyber security investments.

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