Our specialists are highly experienced in designing IT security architectures in a wide range of application areas - across the entire life cycle.

Our Security Architecture Services

  • Definition of requirements for the enterprise IT security architecture or IT security architectures for specific application fields
  • Assessment and evaluation of existing or new enterprise IT security architectures: on-premises, hybrid, cloud
  • Assessment of products and possible setups from an IT security architecture perspective, e.g. business intelligence solutions such as Power BI, Teams, SharePoint, PKI, security appliances, identity and access managers

  • 360° IT security architectures for security components, applications, middle-ware and infrastructure: on-premises, hybrid, cloud
  • Zone concepts: on-premises, hybrid, cloud
  • Application and assessment of architecture patterns to be applied to corporate IT (e.g. one of the Azure reference architectures)
  • Support in collecting information to document of an existing enterprise IT security architecture

  • Zero Trust
  • IoT architectures
  • DevOps architectures
  • Architecture for backup / restore and disaster recovery: e.g. self-serviced on-premises, cloud (Disaster Recovery as a Service, DRaaS)

  • Differentiation of security services: e.g. on-premise, hybrid, cloud)
  • Integrating security components into the enterprise IT security architecture

  • Security Architect-as-a-Service
  • Moderation of workshops to determine the enterprise IT security architecture
  • Second opinion