Our Security Strategy & Architecture Services

Does your company lack the internal resources to professionally fill the role of Security Officer? We take on the role of information security officers as part of an outsourcing relationship. You will benefit from the experience and extensive knowledge of our security experts at the level of technology, organization, compliance and audit. We set the remit laid according to the needs of the customers and provide you with the appropriate specialists to support you.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

Do you want to improve your security by establishing an information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001 or optimise your existing ISMS? Our experienced and certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditors provide you with high quality advice on information security management (ISMS) and support you with the rollout and streamlining of an ISMS based on ISO 27001. They are also at your side until certification in accordance with ISO 27001 has been completed. We strengthen your security level, identify and reduce risks, ensure adherence to compliance requirements, make employees aware of safety issues and thus assist you in obtaining all-embracing protection of information.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

  • Construction and roll-out of your information security management system based on ISO 27001
  • (Re-) certification based on ISO 27001
  • Implementation of a risk analysis based on ISO 27005
  • Development of your ISMS based on ISO 27001
  • Auditing of your ISMS based on ISO 27001
  • Construction and roll-out of a data security management system based on the data privacy law
  • Provision of support for an efficiently run information security management system using a field tested HiScout-Tool including a data privacy module

InfoGuard Information Security Management System (ISMS) Service nach ISO 27001 InfoGuard ISMS-Services in Accordance with ISO 27001

Do you want to be certain that your security is built on a solid foundation on which you can rely for the long term, and which can also be quickly and easily adapted to future requirements? Our experts will support you in formulating a long-term security strategy or creating a flexible framework for the structured management and effective minimisation of all ICT risks. A cyber security framework helps you better control your internal risks while also providing a structured framework which makes it far easier to implement compliance and risk management requirements.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

  • Development of a sustainable security strategy
  • Risk analyses according to ISO 27005
  • Creation of a cyber security framework (NIST)
  • Development of a security policy and user guidelines and instructions
  • Definition of the security organisation with function descriptions

We help you to put an adequate IT security architecture in place, and ensure that in future a rapid response to new needs is guaranteed and that adequate IT security measures can be channelled off. Based on the ISO 27001 standards, we identify with a gap analysis the missing elements and highlight the associated risks. As a basis for implementing an action plan will then be developed and prioritized risk-oriented. It goes without saying that IT security is an element of this architecture, as early recognition of the security aspects is a fundamental requirement for providing reliable IT infrastructures and services. At the same time, a company can save on long-term capital investment costs.

We advise and support you on the following areas:

  • Appropriate IT security architecture according to international security standards (ISO, NIST and BSI)
  • Determination of the need for protection by conducting systematic risk assessments
  • Support in maintaining all business processes
  • IT security is a permanent component of your IT architecture

We support companies during the planning and implementation of structured and coordinated activities with the aim of securing corporate resources and ensuring agility in the event of changes by means of an innovative enterprise IT security architecture.

Our specialists are highly experienced in designing security architectures over the entire lifecycle.

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Cyber Security Strategy & Architecture