Our Advanced Detection Services include:

Almost every data breach occur at the endpoint, and therefore those breaches can be detected best on these endpoints. With our EDR service, you have far more insight into what happens effectively at the endpoint. This makes attacks much faster to detect and much easier to investigate. In addition to these advanced detection capabilities, our EDR service allows us to respond very quickly to incidents on one or more affected endpoints.

Our EDR specialist Mathias Fuchs, Head of Investigation & Intelligence at InfoGuard, explains in a video how EDR works, what advantages it offers and why no company should do without it. Click here for the video!

InfoGuard proactively searches out APTs and anomalies that are not automatically recognised. To do this, we continually gather indicators of compromise (IOC), and on the basis of these we can identify threats in real-time. What’s more, other security events from the SIEM are correlated, in order to recognise and detect connections between potentially suspicious activities within the entire environment. We are able to take the immediate correct action to stop and isolate the attacks.

Our cyber threat analysts deal round-the-clock with the current threat level and analyse information from the darknet, threat intelligence feeds and many other sources. You will receive a quarterly threat report including detailed analysis of the general threat landscape and our experts’ risk assessment for your company, enabling you to take proactive action. You will of course be immediately alerted, if we find critical indicators or information capable of damaging the company’s reputation.